Artist: GLaDOS
Track: Want You Gone


Want You Gone by GLaDOS

"Go make some new disaster, that’s what I’m counting on."


musterbrand is proud to announce a new partnership with Aperture Science Laboratories. All employees are invited to obtain the officially certified outdoor apparel before leaving the company premises.



About | FAQ | Rules | Application Form | Current Artist Lineup

The application phase to the Pacific Rim fanbook is open! Please follow this link to the application form.

(Cosplay photography, craft photography, and writing submissions will be open at a later date!)

Please note that your final piece is not needed at this time! This form is simply for submitting existing work that is of the quality you would expect to submit as a final piece. People accepted in this phase have reserved themselves a spot in the book and will be included (provided they submit their piece by the deadline to be announced later).

Applications are open until November 30th!

After that, a submission phase will begin. The submission phase will be when those who were not accepted in the application phase, or missed it entirely, are given a chance to submit specific pieces for consideration. Writers, crafters, and cosplayers may also submit work at that point. (Accepted artists from the application phase will also have this same time frame to get their work done and submitted. The only difference is, those artists have already been accepted.)

I realize this two pronged method might be a little confusing. There were people who wished to apply before investing the time into a piece, and those who wished to just submit a piece. This is an attempt to have both those methods available. If there’s any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

A really cool Pacific Rim Fanbook is happening. I’m participating, and if you want to join in too check out the above info. 

So many awesome artists are already involved : D ! I’m so happy to be amongst you peeps. 

Artist: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
Track: This Guy's In Love With You


This Guy’s In Love With You » Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

You see this guy, this guy’s in love with you
yes I’m in love, who looks at you the way I do


this is way too beautiful, i have no words

Artist: La Santa Cecilia
Track: The Apology Song


I’m not sure if this is actually gonna be in the movie or is just a cover. Either way it’s nice!

Artist: Mother Mother
Track: Very Good Bad Thing

mother mother || very good bad thing

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Snakes in hats is gods gift to Earth. 











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i want every zelda game to be like twilight princess 

i want every female companion to be the sole driver of her story, i want the girl pal to be the plot, to be the real protagonist while link passively helps. no more navis doing nothing but helping me target shit, no more fi doing nothing but helping me to the next part. more midna. every compamion should be midna

patster223 sent: Ocean/Water playlist :)

this one was super calming to do, thank you. we all know water is the best

  1. Wet Hands - C418
  2. Beneath the Brine - The Family Crest
  3. Aquarium - Housse de Racket 
  4. Miasma Sky - Baths
  5. The Breach - Ramin Djawadi
  6. Queen Rutela (Serenade of Water) - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

send me a word for a playlist!!!




So /this/ is what I was trying to show with how dorky they are with their tongues.

The shadow is my finger moving back and forth and him responding to it.

Mordecai does this and he has this hilarious habit of just letting his tongue stick out a little and keeps it out. House snakes are great.


Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge


A thing I may or may not participate in, but definitely want as many people to try as possible. A big problem for asexual geeks (and grey-a’s, demisexuals, and other people on the spectrum) is the lack of representation we get in the fandoms that we spend most of our time participating in. To this, I say let’s take our favorite characters and mold them to reflect us. 

Participate in this challenge in any way you want. Edits, gifs, fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, just copy-pasting this and listing them out one by one, literally in any way you contribute to the fandom on a day to day basis. 

Day 1: A male character you see as asexual. 
Day 2: A female character you see as asexual. 
Day 3: A character you see as grey-a or demisexual. 
Day 4: A ship you would like to see as an asexual one. 
Day 5: A male character you see as aromantic. 
Day 6: A female character you see as aromantic. 
Day 7: A ship you would like to see as a platonic one. 

Reblog this to spread awareness, please, and tag your edits/whatever as ‘aawfc’. I’m gonna be tracking the tag and reblogging a ton of them for the fandoms I’m in. And I have a ton of ace followers who will probably love to do the same. 

Anonymous sent: sparkle party

you think you’re so clever don’t you anon. i had to ask myself, “what does a sparkle party mean to me?”. mostly dance songs

  1. Let’s Dance - David Bowie
  2. Prom Night - Anamanaguchi
  3. More Than a Woman - Bee Gees
  4. This Head I Hold  - Electric Guest
  5. Good Thing - Fine Young Cannibals
  6. You Make My Dreams Come True - Hålll & Oates
  7. Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
  8. Dance Apocalyptic - Janelle Monáe
  9. Move Your Feet (Tobok Edit) - Junior Senior
  10. NIGHT FLIGHT - Perfume

send me a word for a playlist!!


Looks like Zuko is getting in the Halloween spirit


Looks like Zuko is getting in the Halloween spirit